Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long time no post...

 Starting with Collegiate Road Nationals..... I didnt post anything about those yet since I last started writing so I thought I would tell everyone about how we did. The weekend was probably the best it could have been with our TTT consisting of Andrew Talansky, Mike Anderson, John Doyle and myself taking a strong 3rd place overall. No it wasn't complete domination like we all had hoped but we are determined more than ever to hopefully show everyone what's up next year. The next day was the RR and it was very exciting to be able to help the team out and watch from the sidelines. We had an awesome team racing in both the men's and women's races and I knew that we had an awesome chance of doing well this day. So the races started with the women's race, and Carla Swart ended up winning the breakaway group sprint after playing her cards right the whole race and finally laying down the law at the end. Just when our team thought that nothing could be better that day, Andrew Talansky crossed the line with his arms up earning himself a stars and stripes jersey as well, out sprinting his breakaway partner in the sprint after a devastating move on the last climb. Lastly the crit the last day proved to be a fast course and with high places from the LMC squad, we sealed the deal for the team omnium national championship. All I can say is that red, white, and blue looks great with the LMC colors! 
Now I'm back in Minnesota and it feels great to see everyone again. I've been doing some road racing such as the Opus Crit, and the Duluth Classic Stage Race (See my sisters blog for race updates) which have both been very fun and competitive races. I received my upgrade to Cat. 2 so I will be doing more road races this summer but I am also looking forward to the Minnesota mtb series that holds some great races as well. Well I believe that is all for now and hopefully I can get some pictures up of some racing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yep, me and the LMC nationals road team are currently in fort collins, CO for road nats and after a long drive we finally are chillin in our hotel with a few days to prepare for our races this up coming weekend. Our long drive has consisted of playing football at every gas station stop, throwing banana peels at each others vehicles while driving, and lots of strange looks from random people because Sheedy wanted us to wear old people socks that supposedly keep the blood from pooling in our legs. Colorado so far has been great and Fort Collins is a nice looking town except for the cops that already pulled various riders from LMC over for not riding single file in the bike lane (apparently its a law here?!?!......weird ). I guess that we are all just used to the freedom of the unpopulated roads of the good ol' big easy (Banner Elk that is). Well I believe that is all here and its time to get some rest because we have a day of scoping out the courses tomorrow....apparently the ttt course is flat as a pancake.....can you say LMC domination?????